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Big changes are coming to ! We have been hard at work rebuilding our site from the ground up to better meet the needs of students, staff, clients and partners.
In early July, you can expect to see a new look to and improved functionality to help you more easily find the information you’re looking for.

ทดลองใช้ฟรี เล่นสลอตให้ได้ฟรีเกม

NAIT’s technical training and applied education is designed to meet the demands of Alberta's industries – graduates have the knowledge and skills employers want. They leave NAIT confident, prepared and in demand.


Newcomer Booster

Register by June 30

Join our one-week program for international and newcomer students that prepares you for studies at NAIT this fall!

NAIT Summer Camps

For kids ages 5 to 17. Register today!

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 20
  • Jun 29
    Spring term ends for 8-week programs
  • Jul 01
    Canada Day
  • Jul 02
    Summer term starts for 8-week programs
  • Jul 18
  • Aug 05
    Heritage Day
  • Aug 14
    Fee Payment Deadline for Fall Term

Latest From NAIT

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Giving to NAIT

NAIT is essential and our success depends on you. We have launched a fundraising campaign to support our students, applied research and the Centre for Applied Technology. Read about Essential: The mpaign

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